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Company Name: AlucoBond Ghana
Contact name: Ruth Naa Ayorkor
Main region covered: Ghana
City: Accra
Address: 3rd Floor, Nana Prempeh tower, 27th Heartslane Avenue Kokomlemle, Accra, Ghana
Contact Tel: +233 270 000 866 | +233 270 000 844
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Services offered :
Description of services: Alucobond Ghana is the largest provider of roofing material in Ghana. We provide roofing to individual homeowners, private and public sector property developers, high street retailers and building merchants.
Our experienced staff work with customers to achieve the best results for each project. Your satisfaction is of utmost importance to us.
Our mission
Our mission is to provide a high quality, service-oriented roofing company. We aim to grow through innovation and to be the pacesetter in our industry.
Our beliefs and values
Our way of doing business is ethical and fair. We pride ourselves on providing the best service in the industry and believe in treating our customers with honesty and integrity.

Ghana Address: 3rd Floor, Nana Prempeh tower, 27th Heartslane Avenue Kokomlemle, Accra, Ghana - +233 270 000 866 - +233 270 000 844

Togo Address: Immeubles Dagadou, Rue de l’Eglise Sangera Koketime Lome – Togo - 79799520 - 79727208

Company Name: Lazer Press Ghana
Contact name: Nana Ama Boateng
Main region covered: Ghana
City: Accra
Address: House no.67, 101 Kwame Nkrumah avenue, Accra Ghana
Contact Tel: +233 270 113 729
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Services offered : Publishers, Printing, Private Tuition
Description of services: Lazer Press is a company which provides printing services as well as offering a complete array of services for both residential and commercial customers, with close attention to detail.
Established in 2005, At Lazer Press, the vision was simply to anticipate customers’ needs and be responsive to their requirements. Recognizing the customer benefits of consolidation – economies of scale, wider range of services, local market presence .

For this Lazer Press invest in multiple and latest technology based on your requirement and your demand. we will keep satisfying you to the last request you will continue making.
Our printing and fulfillment facilities offer vast and technologically advanced sheetfed, web and digital printing capabilities. With high-end digital presses in nearly every facility, and one state-of-the art digital print centre with a strategic alliance in many countries in Africa.

Being a quality conscious organization, we do not compromise on the quality of Bags offered by us and follow quality-oriented approach while manufacturing our products. We have set up a separate quality control department wherein our quality controllers supervise all the stages, right from selection of quality raw material to production, packaging and storing of the finished products.

Each process is undertaken with utmost care to maintain total quality. The sample production is well recorded in order to make any probable enhancement and changes at the time of bulk production.

Our specialists help you to put your ideas down on paper through technical support and creativity. Your work becomes ready for printing following a meticulous assemblage and plating process.

Having been creating worlds on paper for 7 years, Lazer Press is continuously following technological developments. As a result of utilization of latest technology printing machines by experienced staff, error margin is minimized.

Paper processing and finishing processes are implemented to form your final product. Folding, cellophane, lacquer, bindery, wire stitching, thread stitching, cutting, gluing, wire binding, leaf and all other finishing operations are carried out in the best way.

Quality Control
Our quality control team provides you with a fast, highly qualified printing service which responds to your expectations.
At Lazer Press, we are committed to delivering the lowest total cost of ownership, Lazer Press is at the forefront of technology that adds value across the print lifecycle. We focus on both sides of the value equation to minimize costs and maximize sales. Streamline, our proprietary Web2Print technology, provides 24/7 access, customization and ordering capabilities from any internet connection, anywhere in the world. With automated processes for purchasing, proofing and inventory control, we save time and reduce errors and increase productivity.
We have the printing industry’s most comprehensive in-house capabilities in our side of the earth, leading edge technology solutions and the expertise to put it all together to add value to any project.
Ghana Address: House no.67, 101 Kwame Nkrumah avenue,
Accra Ghana | +233 270 113 729
Togo Address: Immeuble sotome, Rue Novici, Nyekonakpoe
Lome – Togo | 75799518 | 79799519
send your request to: or


Company Name: Alarm System Ghana
Contact name: Mr. Felix Darrah
Main region covered: Ghana
City: Accra
Address: Anyaa, Opp. Asuogyaman Co. Ltd, on the Awoshie-Pokuase Main Road Accra.
Contact Tel: +233 23 063 0004
Email Address:
Web Address:
Services offered : Security, Business Consulting, Security
Description of services: The Alarm System Ghana a Multi Media House Ghana product of Lazer achieves success through its steadfast commitment to quality. Alarm System Ghana employs professionals in research, design, engineering, and production.
Our technicians will install and serve all your need when it comes to the services below. These dedicated professionals work as a tight-knit team to ensure compliance with performance specifications.
Fire Alarm Control Panels
Intelligent fire alarm systems, digital voice evacuation, conventional fire alarm control panels.

Network and Integrated Systems
Intelligent alarm networks ; IP security system, security, card access, CCTV, and BACnet integration.

Fire Alarm Peripherals
Smoke detectors, pull
stations; monitor, control,
and relay modules; notification appliances.

Alarm Accessories
Cameras, cables, Monitors, Switches, Routers, Access points, Printers, auxiliary power supplies, battery chargers, remote annunciators, relays, and door holders.

Paperless office system
Wireless system from printers, computers and other peripherals.
automated system from accounting, via HR, IT, inventory, sales, production...

General Networking services
Full networking and support. IP telephone system, software base PABX, Linking your branches together, networking for a project, a new building, a conference...

So when it comes to Installing, servicing, and maintaining security systems, networking, fire systems, in Accra, Tema, Kumasi, or other Regions in Ghana kindly call on the experts on 023 063 0005 or email them at or simple visit


Company Name: Architects Afrique
Contact name: Gideon Prempeh
Main region covered: Ghana
City: Accra
Address: Anyaa, Opp. Asuogyaman Co. Ltd, on the Awoshie-Pokuase Main Road Accra.
Contact Tel: +233 20 536 0000
Email Address:
Web Address:
Services offered : Architecture, Construction , Construction
Description of services: Founded in 2005, Architect Afrique is an architectural and engineering design-build firm specializing in residential and commercial developments. We provide unique design-build solutions to home owners and property developers using contemporary high-tech design software and processes to generate a virtual building model that enhances clear communication of project design proposals. Thus providing greater value for our clients through comprehensive documentation of their projects for seamless implementation on site.
Architect Afrique is an Architect Afrique is an architectural and engineering design-build firm building and maintaining various type of properties in Accra, Tema, Kumasi, Takoradi and Ghana as a whole.

Our mission is to actively engage in the provision of professional architectural services with premium value for our discerning clientele. We offer exceptional customer service by building personal relationships with clients and exceeding client expectations through a service orientated, streamlined and practical approach for all our projects.

Our range of core services includes but not limited to;
• Landscapers Architect
• Structural Engineering
• Quantity Surveying
• Architectural design and Project Management
• Interior Architectural Designs

Our design philosophy is to provide workable, aesthetically pleasing solutions to a myriad of simple and complex design problems and clients’ requirements in order to create flexible, environmentally sensitive, functional and cost effective buildings and spaces. Our design style is somewhat eclectic as we strive to achieve uniqueness on each project.

We have a unique understanding of the dynamics of various scenarios honed over 19 years of consistent hard work and service delivery. We have a talented and well -trained firm of architects and are confident of exceeding your expressed expectations.

Our vision at Africa Property Managers is global. We have always been at the cutting edge of project and service delivery, especially using every tool that information and technological advancements avail us. We continue to strive to provide the very best architectural and engineering services promptly, accurately and professionally, and deliver these services better every time.


Company Name: Plumbers Ghana
Contact name: David Adade
Main region covered: Ghana
City: Accra
Address: 3rd floor, Nana Prempeh Tower, Kokomlemle, Accra - Ghana
Contact Tel: +233 205 360 000
Email Address:
Web Address:
Services offered : Plumbers, Bathrooms & Kitchens, Builders
Description of services: Plumbers Ghana is a duly registered Accra-based company that offers 24/7 quick and professional services with a team of highly skilled experts, each with over 9 years’ experience providing exceptionally customized innovations to our clients, with 100% guarantee of job satisfaction. Plumbers Ghana is an innovated business dedicated to providing the best plumbing & rooter services at great prices for there is no job too large or too small for us, and we will often leave you satisfied.


Our goal is to leave all other plumbers in the dust with our superior customer service and workmanship. We always make an effort to use the latest technology and techniques to make any needed services as easy and convenient as possible for our customers. the latest trends in the industry resulting in an extraordinary efficiency in our delivery on a wide range of demands with prompt response at prime quality.
LOC: 3rd floor, Nana Prempeh Tower, Kokomlemle, Accra - Ghana
TEL: 023 063 0004 | 023 063 0005

LOC: Immeuble sotome, Rue Novici, Nyekonakpoe Lome - Togo
TEL: 75799518 | 79799519

Company Name: Coralex Painters
Contact name: Nana Ama Boateng
Main region covered: Ghana
City: Awoshie
Address: Opp. Asougyaman, along the Awoshie – Pokuasi main road. Accra - Ghana
Contact Tel: +233 20 531 3333
Email Address:
Web Address:
Services offered : Painters, Decorators, Construction
Description of services: Welcome to Coralex Painters
Coralex Painters is a commercial interior/exterior finish contractor in Ghana and Togo.

For many organizations and institutions, we are the only commercial interior/exterior contractor delegated to their entire interior project, and we place a strong emphasis on conforming to the exact specifications of the client. From little enterprise to large corporation we maintain the same seriousness and partnership.

Our high standards of project quality and customer service and our ability to successfully adapt and progress in the coating markets ensure that our customer's demands for quality performance and value for money are continually met with operations in Accra, Tema, Kumasi, Takoradi, Lome, and other part of Ghana, Togo and West Africa, talk to us. Call our Ghana hotline: 020 530 0000 or Togo Hotline: 79799520
and email:

Another advantage of using Coralex Painters is that we are a large enough painting contractor to keep projects on schedule by sending more painters to a jobsite when we encounter an unforeseen delay, such as weather or another trade falling behind. That kind of flexibility goes a long way towards client satisfaction and sets us apart from those smaller outfits.

Company Name: Biofil Toilet Ghana
Contact name: Robert Cudjoe
Main region covered: Ghana
City: Accra
Address: 3rd floor, Nana Premperh tower, 27th Heartslane Avenue kokomlemle, Accra, Ghana
Contact Tel: +233 277 777 917
Email Address:
Web Address:
Services offered : Bathrooms & Kitchens, Builders, Construction
Description of services: BIOFIL TOILETS GHANA is an innovative company which install, construct and build Biofil Toilet Digester which is an innovative on-site waste water treatment option that offers integrated treatment of sewage in a manner that poses minimal risk to the environment and public health, and the opportunity of sustainable economic returns on natural biological treatment of waste in the long term.
It is a technology that works by providing an enclosed environment for natural process of aerobic decomposition of faeces including toilet paper and degradable materials. The digester is constructed as a living filter where oxygen inflow into the vault allows the seeds (bacteria, fungi, macro-organisms) within to degrade solids at the top layer aerobically and liquid are filter into the lower layers before being directed out of digester through a pipe into constructed drain field or collected and treated for reuse
The Biofil System that we construct is a passive decentralized wastewater treatment system that uses aerobic decomposition and macro-organisms to break down waste. The typical digester accommodates 10 users and can be scaled to meet larger waste demands. The digester can also be modified to treat waste from existing septic tanks or treat sludge from other toilet systems. Efficiency of treatment and user capacity can be maximized by adding a “micro flush” option which uses hand-washing greywater for flushing.
Biofil Toilet Ghana builds Biofil Toilet Systems that can be applied to replace the septic tanks for water-closet system; correct existing failed septic tanks and replaced non-flush systems/micro-flush system in places where water supply is an issue. In a waterlog area to dig a septic tank is an issue therefore Biofil Toilet Digester will be a perfect one in replacement of the conventional septic tank as we have built and construct biofil toilet system in Accra, Tema, Kumasi, Takoradi and other regions in Ghana as a whole including major cities in Togo.
The Advantages that comes with the construction and install of a Biofil Toilet System is numerous because Water can be reused for landscaping. They eliminate the possibility of costly site remediation and clean-up. The system eliminates water and air contamination. Prevention of diseases as there is no direct contact with the excreta. No odour or sludge accumulation to attract flies that can cause or spread diseases. It promotes good sanitation practice. The digester is cheaper than the conventional septic tank.


Company Name: African Property Managers
Contact name: David Adade
Main region covered: Ghana
City: Accra
Address: 3rd floor, Nana Premperh tower, 27th Heartslane Avenue kokomlemle, Accra, Ghana
Contact Tel: +233230630004
Email Address:
Web Address:
Services offered :
Description of services: AFRICAN PROPERTY MANAGERS is a real estate services firm focused on delivering high quality and customized services to individuals, the private sector and government clients in Ghana which started its operation in 2009. The firm then consisting only of three members has grown to a staff of five full time members and four part time members.
We are specialized in property and facility management for clients as well as post-sales services, and other services which includes residential and commercial leasing and property management, Facilities Management, Corporate Real Estate Services, Residential Retail Leasing, Retail Management, Valuations and Advisory, Investment Broking, Commercial Leasing Broking, Industrial Leasing Broking. As a professional Estate agent and property management company, our sole business is that of identifying able and credible buyers/tenants on behalf of our esteemed clients whose properties are in the market. We also tailor leases and agreements which create a harmonious relationship between parties. The firm offers a wide scope of real estate with its main operation based in Accra, Ghana, Togo and expending to other West African Countries. We are fully regulated as real estate agents.
To minimize our clients' risk, expense and time in acquiring an appropriate property.
Our vision is striving to make positive contribution towards developing a robust system of real estate which is paramount in assisting the relevant authorities cope with population growth, rapid urbanization and rising expectations from the clientele.
We offer a one-stop shop, whereby we provide a network of experts to cover most aspects of real estate.


Company Name: Zamotronics Investment Limited
Contact name: Dhaval
Main region covered: Zambia
City: Ndola
Address: Plot No 980, Town Center, Next to Plaza 5 Cinema, Opp BBC One Collection, Along President Avenue, Ndola. P O Box NO 72041,
Contact Tel: +260212622529
Email Address:
Web Address:
Services offered :
Description of services: Zamotronics Investement Limited deals in Office Supplies, School Stationery, Art & Craft & Toys. Zamotronics is Zambia’s independent stationery store featuring brands from around the world as well as local brands. We offer wide range of options in Office Stationery such as Papers, Files, Folders, Staplers, Punches, Binding Accessories, Pen Stands, Organizer, Cash Box, Clips & Pins, Rubber Bands, Stamp Pad, Envelope & many more products. In School Stationery, we have extended range of Pencils, Pens, Exercise Books & Note Pads, Maths & Drafting Equipment, School Bags, Pencil Pouches, Pencil Compass Box, Scissors, Erasers, Glue Stick, Rules with enormous choices above various brands. We do have excellent range for gifting art and craft with options of boards games, mind games which helps to grow child’s progress. Please visit our store to explore large collection of our products.

We know you have a choice and we thank you so much for choosing our Zamotronics store. We love what we do and it is because of you that we're able to do it.

Bank Paper
NCR Paper
Various kinds of Papers
Paper Punches
Binding Accessories
Pen Stand
Cash Box
Clip & Pin
Rubber Band
Stamp Pad
Marker Pen
Exercise Book
Note Book
Note Pad
Maths and Drafting Equipment
School Bags
Pencil Pouches
Pencil Compass Box
Glue Stick
Art & Craft
Board Games
Mind Games
UNO Cards
Art Set
Wax Crayon
White Board Marker
Permanent Marker
Special Marker
Sketch Pen
Painting Brush
Water Colour
Oil Pastel
Artist Color
Fabric Color
Note Book Stickers
Key Rings
Photo Copy
Color Printing
Normal Printing
Printing Services

Company Name: Ghana Expert Builders
Contact name: John Addo
Main region covered: Togo
City: Lome
Address: Immeuble sotome, Rue Novici, Nyekonakpoe Lome - Togo
Contact Tel: 75799518 | 79799519
Email Address:
Web Address:
Services offered : Builders, Construction , Construction
Description of services: Ghana Expert Builders, a company which prides itself in using modern state of art technology to stand among its peers when it comes to elegance, beauty, designing, and finishing of both interior and exterior buildings. We provide buildings and construction services which involves Buildings, tilings, building designs, interior designs, exterior designs, construction company, construction engineering, construction management in Accra, Tema, Kumasi, Takoradi, Capecoast, Tamale, Teshiman, Ho, and other part of Ghana and west Africa, talk to us. Call our hotline: 0230 630 004 or email us at For us, it’s all about the customer experience. Our building services are as individual as you are and our unique construction process allows you to personalize our design plans to match your tastes.


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