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Company Name: Rivashaa Eco Design Solutions Private Limited
Contact name: Udeet J Banker
Main region covered: Mauritius
City: Riviere du Rempart
Address: 3rd Floor, Royale Manor Association, Near Rangwala Tower, Law Garden, Ellisbridge, Ahmedabad - 380006, Gujarat, India.
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Contact Tel: +919879167919
Email Address:
Web Address:
Services offered : Construction , Architecture, Farming & Agriculture

0-1 mm Crushed ECA

0-1 mm Crushed ECA

0-2 mm Crushed ECA

0-2 mm Crushed ECA

0-4 mm Crushed ECA

0-4 mm Crushed ECA

0-4 mm Rounds ECA

0-4 mm Rounds ECA

2-8 mm Rounds ECA

2-8 mm Rounds ECA

8-15 mm Rounds ECA

8-15 mm Rounds ECA

0-20 mm Rounds ECA

0-20 mm Rounds ECA

15-30 mm Rounds ECA

15-30 mm Rounds ECA

2-8 mm Crushed High Density ECA

2-8 mm Crushed High Density ECA

3-4 mm Crushed ECA

3-4 mm Crushed ECA
Description of services: Are you looking for a Lightweight Green Construction Material?

Light Expanded Clay Aggregate, LECA or ECA is round pellet structure produced by firing natural clay at a temperature of 1200°C. The result is a hard, honeycombed structure of interconnecting voids within the aggregate. The main characteristics of Expanded Clay being low density combined with high strength, thermal and acoustic insulation properties, fire resistance and durability. ECA is available in sizes of 0-30 mm with density ranging from 260-750 kg/m3 ( Rounds and Crushed Forms ) for versatile applications.

ECA is described as "All In One" product due to more characteristics and it provides a huge range of properties vital for sustainable construction. The innovative Expanded Clay Aggregate (ECA) is the ultimate eco-friendly product for versatile applications and is referred to as a Green Alternative.

Light Expanded Clay Aggregate, ECA, LECA which is a lightweight aggregate is manufactured in India by our group for the 1st time. ECA is 100% inert, lightweight, strong, thermal and sound insulating material which is high quality, fire resistant, insect free and a durable lightweight aggregate. ECA is "All in One" product offering a huge range of properties vital for sustainable construction. Expanded Clay is a low-density aggregate combined with high strength. Sizes are 0-30 mm (rounds and crushed) with density 260-700 kg/m3. Uses: Building Construction Blocks, Precast Structural Elements, Wall Panels, Acoustic Panels, Insulating concrete, and mortars, Fills, Plastering, Structural Lightweight Concrete, Urban Landscapes, Hydroponics, Stormwater management, Wastewater treatment, Geotechnical lightweight fill, abutments, roads, embankment construction, bedding insulation.

Versatile Application in detail:

Buildings: ECA has a versatile applications for Building construction which includes Pitched roofs, Building Solutions, Lightweight screeds and substrates, Screeds, Heated floors, Dry screeds and dry fills, Vaults, Slab strengthening, New-build composite slabs, Lightweight concrete slabs, Correcting thermal bridging, Flat roofs, Roof gardens, Insulation for roof spaces – Pitched roof, ceiling level, Insulation and drainage in contact with the ground (horizontal) GROUND FLOORS, Concrete deck insulation, Installation and drainage for earth retaining walls, Gardens, Thermal insulating mortars, Thermal insulating plaster, Fireproof plaster, Pipework insulation, Below-ground pipework, Refractory insulation – fireproof insulation etc.

Lightweight Concrete: ECA replaces fine and coarse aggregate and is used for Structural lightweight concrete – high strength, Lightweight concrete – nonstructural by ready mix concrete companies (rmc), Bagged pre-mixed concretes and mortars and Concrete batching and precasting plants, thermal plasters and fireproof plasters.

Green & Environment: Used for Hydroponics, Green roofs and roof gardens, Agriculture, Horticulture, Tissue Culture, Urban landscaping, Drainage for playing fields, Cultivation in pots and planters, Mulching, Plant reproduction, Substrate for constructed wetlands and phytopurification systems, Covers for sludge storage tanks, Wastewater treatment, Water and air filtration.

Geotechnical Application: Approved by CE for CEA Thermal Insulation Lightweight Fill for underground structures, Buried tanks and pipes, Lightened embankments, Containment structures, Fill for below-ground cavities, Compensated foundations, Tunnels, Construction of lightened embankments and fills.

Infrastructure: Preferred aggregate for weight reduction in civil engineering structures, Bituminous road surfaces, Noise barriers, Passive impact protection systems, Water risk management, Landscaping management.

Blocks & Precasting: Used for manufacturing Blocks, panels and small precast elements for use in construction, Precast structures and elements, Refractory elements.

For any of the above-mentioned requirements, should you be looking for lightweight aggregates, please feel free to get in touch.

ECA is a preferred product for MEP Contractors, General Contractors, Project Owners, Design Architects, Developers, MEP Engineers, Lead Consultants, Structural Engineers, Infrastructure Contractors and EPC Contractors across India.

Please visit for more details or kindly send us your requirements on

Email or Whatsapp us your requirements on +919879167919 or call us on +91-79-26462688

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Company Name: ORL Marrakech Dr HADID Fatima Ezzahra
Contact name: Fatima Ezzahra HADID
Main region covered: Morocco
City: Marrakech
Address: Centre d'affaires MALIZIA, Boulevard Allal El Fassi, Bureau N°38, 3eme étage, Marrakech 40000, Maroc
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Contact Tel: 00212524059759
Email Address:
Web Address:
Services offered : Doctors
Description of services: ORL Marrakech Dr Hadid Fatima Ezzahra, médecin spécialiste en Oto-Rhino-Laryngologie et Chirurgie Cervico-Faciale à Marrakech.

Le cabinet du Dr. Hadid Fatima Ezzahra est très bien situé sur le boulevard Allal El Fassi, dans le nouveau centre d’affaires Malizia (en face de l’ancien café Malizia et proche du rond-point Marjane route de Casablanca).

Le cabinet du Dr. Hadid est équipé d’un plateau technique de pointe :
- Une unité de consultation dotée d’un microscope pour un examen précis de l’oreille, aspiration de bouchon de cérumen, extraction de corps étranger.
- Une unité de Vidéo Endoscopie permettant l’exploration de toutes les filières Naso-Pharyngo-Laryngé (Exploration du Nez, Pharynx, Cordes vocales).
- Une unité d’exploration de l’audition, équipée d’un audiomètre pour explorer l'audition et d’un impédancemètre pour étudier les différences de mobilité et de compliance du tympan et des osselets.

Le Dr. Hadid accompagné de son assistante se feront une joie de vous accueillir dans un cadre agréable et adapté aux personnes à mobilité réduite (3 ascenseurs disponibles).

Toujours à l'écoute de ses patients, le Dr. Hadid Fatima Ezzahra veille à prendre tout le temps nécessaire afin de bien diagnostiquer votre cas, et aussi de vous assurer une prise en charge la plus complète possible.

Le Dr. Hadid s'efforcera de mettre à l'aise les patients les plus anxieux ainsi que les enfants afin de vous rendre l'expérience de la consultation plus apaisante et plus agréable.

Company Name: Honey Whale
Contact name: Honey Whale
Main region covered: South Africa
City: 0
Address: Cape Town, Western Cape South Africa 7700
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Contact Tel: 073 983 9770
Email Address:
Web Address:
Services offered : Directories
Description of services: Honey Whale has creative and modern e-commerce and digital marketing team that creates engaging and valuable user experiences throughout all service areas and helps businesses meet their goals with web development, e-commerce, digital marketing, content marketing, Shopify services, and many more online capabilities.

Company Name: RahyConsulting
Contact name: Rahy Consulting
Main region covered: Tunisia
City: Tunis
Address: 1053, Tunisia Berge du Lac
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Contact Tel: 966567072279
Email Address:
Web Address:
Services offered : Consultants, Consultants, Consultants
Description of services: business analysis consultation
Digital Marketing Consultation
business digital transformation consultation
hospitality consulting
project management consultantation

Company Name: Wild Travel Safaris and Adventures
Contact name: Richard
Main region covered: Uganda
City: Kampala
Address: Kampala
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Contact Tel: +256779159872
Email Address:
Web Address:
Services offered : Travel & Tourism, Transport, Taxi/ Private Hire
Description of services: Uganda Safari Tours, Gorilla Trekking Experiences & African Adventure Vacations | Wild Travel Safaris & Adventures

with all the Uganda Safari Tours, Gorilla Trekking Experiences & African Adventure Vacations. Wild Travel Safaris Ltd is a Ugandan-based professional ground tour operator company in Uganda & East Africa. As one of the best tour operator companies in Africa, We aim at leading and guiding our Tourists to all the Top and Beautiful Destinations in the country and East Africa at large with gorilla Uganda Safaris.

We call upon all the world’s Travelers who have come to the notice about the Existence of East Africa and Uganda in Particular “The Pearl of Africa” as another wonderful world place to Visit gorilla Uganda safaris and also among the World Listed countries you should not miss out on adventuring.

With our hard work and determination, we organize Memorable Interesting African Safari Wildlife Tours, Holiday Vacations, Uganda Safari Tours, and Amazing Adventure African Holiday & Uganda Safari Tours, Wildlife Safari Photography and gorilla Uganda Safaris, Africa Wild Gorilla Uganda Safaris.

Company Name: FOP Radio
Contact name: FOP Radio
Main region covered: Sierra Leone
City: Moyamba
Address: 1 kondehbotihun road Moyamba Southern Sierra Leone West Africa.
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Contact Tel: 0023279762828
Email Address:
Web Address:
Services offered :
Description of services: Media operations,adverts, jingles,spots, radio documentaries,news, gospel contents
Airtime slot sales.

Company Name: technofixsolutions
Contact name: technofixsolutions
Main region covered: Cameroon
City: Yaounde
Address: Deriere Tradex Mendong, Yaounde, Cameroon
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Contact Tel: 237 670462875
Email Address:
Web Address: http://
Services offered : Marketing and Advertising, IT Consultancy, Web Design
Description of services: Technofix Solutions is one of Cameroon's leading digital marketing firms, providing a wide range of online marketing services including web design, web development, SEO, digital strategy, email marketing, app development, online advertising, and more. We have been continuously up and running since the first day due to dedicated efforts to provide the highest quality service. We don't have to speak for ourselves because our quality does! Our core team consists of experienced digital marketing professionals, PPC, SEO, social media experts, content writers, website designers, graphic designers, and web developers. We believe in growing your business in the same way that we have grown ours, with countless satisfied clients and smiling faces.

Digital Strategy
Digital Marketing: SEO, Google Ads, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, Whatsapp Marketing
Web development and Design
App development
Ecommerce Solution

Company Name: Addis Ababa Dental Clinic
Contact name: Addis Ababa Dental Clinic
Main region covered: Ethopia
City: Addis Ababa
Address: 2QJ3+M3V Addis Ababa
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Contact Tel: +251988447778
Email Address:
Web Address:
Services offered : Dentists, Doctors, Doctors
Description of services: Best dentists in Addis Ababa. Your dental clinic in Addis ababa is an omni practice dental establishment. It is a medical clinic that covers all dentistry. Addis Ababa Dental Clinic offers dental care services such as dental braces, invisalign, wisdom tooth removal, dental implants, periodontics, aesthetic dentistry or simply for scaling, root canalization, teeth bleaching or dental veneers. You can consult us here for periodontology, dental implant placement, and ask us about your gums and teeth.

Our crew of dental professionals will do their absolute best to see you asap and in the best conditions for the advantage of our patients. Addis Ababa people and outsiders visiting the city are welcome in our dentistry clinic. Our secretaries and assistants will be there to assist you with all your administrative procedures. Do not hesitate to make a visit online with your dentist in Addis Ababa.

Company Name: SOLITUDE Valuation Engineering
Contact name: Solomon Nega
Main region covered: Ethopia
City: Addis Ababa
Address: Hayahulet, Addis Ababa
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Contact Tel: 251920550109
Email Address:
Web Address:
Services offered : Property, Consultants, Engineering
Description of services: SOLITUDE Valuation Engineering is an Ethiopian Property Valuation firm established in 2019 G.C with Staff’s complying; Professional Standards – centered on ethics and conduct, underpinned by knowledge and competence, Technical Standards – centered on common definitions and conventions, underpinned by consistent application through recognized approaches and Performance Standards – centered on rigor in analysis and objectivity judgment, backed by appropriate documentation and clarity when reporting.

Some of the services we provide;
Property Valuation for
Capital Gain
Banks and Insurance
Law Suits
Property Sell/Buy
Plant, Machinery and Equipment
Selling and Buying
Equipment Financing
Financial Reporting
Loss Assessment/Depreciation
Replacement and Maintenance Analysis
Inventory/Asset Verification
Business Valuation for
Capital Increase
Sale/purchase of the business
Additional share issuing/stock split

Company Name: Massey Tractors Botswana
Contact name: Massey Tractors Botswana
Main region covered: Botswana
City: Gaborone
Address: Gaborone, Botswana
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Contact Tel: 26771879010
Email Address:
Web Address:
Services offered : Farming & Agriculture, Manufacture, Manufacture
Description of services: Massey Ferguson in Botswana for delivering agricultural farm tractors and their associated implements in order to facilitate the process of agriculture which proportionate its share in both the agriculture and economy of Botswana. Being a Supplier of Massey Ferguson Tractors within Botswana is to make utilize technology.

Price starting from: BWP 98,000

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